Princess Fiona’s 2015 Litter

Princess Fiona has a new litter ready for royalty. She had a HUGE litter of seven. Five males and two females that need to make a family happy! Our kennel loves them so much we will probably keep one of the girls. They were born November 30th 2015. Fiona is a character. She has a huge head and loves to take naps. She weigh’s around 55 pounds.

Let’s meet the pups…

Russell- SOLD



 Fat Amy




If you’re interested in our puppies, please leave a comment and we will contact you.

6 thoughts on “Princess Fiona’s 2015 Litter

  1. Lorna Atkin

    My 10 yr old baby, Frank, passed yesterday. He was the love of our lives and, our grandchildren love him to pieces. Best dog ever. My heart hurts, but I am thinking another English Bulldog could be just right. We have cared for our Frank for 5 yrs. We have never had a puppy. We need to educate ourselves before taking a pup. We would want to do the very best for them. Any suggestions for education resources before we take another ‘Bully’?
    I would love a rescue dog if ever a ‘Bully” had a need. Our Frank was too expensive and needy for his owner so we took him. We got his medical issues treated and he has been the center of our lives since then! Thank you


    1. So sorry to hear about Frank he sounds like an amazing dude! That is one of my favorite Bully names when we see them at the clinic. Unfortunately the breed can have multiple health issues but many can be managed by preventive care. Things such as regular ear cleaning and managing skin folds are little things that are easy but can save you money. As far as puppies go the most important part of early care and raising them is to establish good feeding habits and not let them get obese early on and the other is socialization with people and other dogs. Just some easy tips.


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