Paws, Tails and Puppy Dog Kisses!

You know it’s Valentines Day this weekend right? 

If you’re like us, you’ve waited until the last minute to purchase your Valentines gift for the one you love or even for yourself.  Who could possibly imagine a more perfect gift than an English Bulldog puppy!  Trust us, it doesn’t get much better….

This litter of all males is well behaved, beautifully colored, and have that classic English Bulldog look.  These five little pork chops are ready to come home with you today! You’re welcome to come take a look at Jelly Rolls litter in person.  Just comment on our blog and we’ll get back to you.   We also have shipping options available.

Let’s take a look at these little rascals.

Cupid       SOLD


Bandit      SOLD

Ralphie    SOLD

Coon. SOLD

Zorro. SOLD


7 thoughts on “Paws, Tails and Puppy Dog Kisses!

  1. Pete Kunzler

    We have been looking at bulldogs and I like Ralphie. Is he still available. What is your preference when it come to bulldog behavior male or female.


    1. Yes Ralphie is still available. We love him. He’s short and squatty. The best behaved Bulldog is a neutered male. Still less drama than even a spayed female. Let me know if you’d like to come look at him.
      Dr. B


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