Babies are Here!

Two Males and One Female….ready to go by middle of January.

Floyd is a very sweet and gentle puppy. He loves sitting on your lap and just enjoying your company. He is very quiet but has the soul of wolf.

Tank is just that, a tank. He is the first to try new things. He is a very confident and rambunctious

Flower is a social butterfly. She loves to cuddle and explore. She is docile and enjoys to sleep.

Puffy’s Litter

We’re happy to announce a new litter of one of our second generation females!  Puffy, Fiona’s daughter, has had her first litter and they’re just as sweet as she is.  These six little rascals were born May 4, 2017 at 2:00 A.M. Puffy is a year and a half old, 58 pounds, well behaved, and has a personality that won’t stop. Her puppies definitely take after their momma!

Proud Papa, Rembrandt, is a Grand Champion with perfect health and perfect bloodlines.

Let’s meet the pups….

Ramses (Male)

Minnie (Female)   SOLD

Hambino (Male)SOLD

 Ruby (Female). SOLD

Oreo (Male)

Turtle (Female). SOLD

If you’re interested in making one of these adorable puppies part of your family, please leave a comment on our blog and we’ll get back to you shortly.