Babies are Here!

Two Males and One Female….ready to go by middle of January.

Floyd is a very sweet and gentle puppy. He loves sitting on your lap and just enjoying your company. He is very quiet but has the soul of wolf.

Tank is just that, a tank. He is the first to try new things. He is a very confident and rambunctious

Flower is a social butterfly. She loves to cuddle and explore. She is docile and enjoys to sleep.


It’s a Girl!…and Two Boys

Barnyard’s Kennel is excited to announce the birth of three healthy English Bulldog pups, born to proud momma Jelly, on Thursday June 26, 2016.

2016 Jelly Roll litter

Follow us as we watch these little rascals grow over the next few weeks and find new homes. It’s sure to be an adventure with Lilly, Carmel and Tut.

We’re Growing Up!

These pups are ready to join your family!!

We’ve enjoyed watching Princess Fiona’s puppies grow and getting to know each of their unique personalities.  Any pup you choose will be a welcome addition to your household.  We only have four left!!!!

This is Beckham

Meet Oliver

Fat Amy

And Bear

If you’re interested in our pups, or have any questions, please leave a comment on our Blog and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Jelly Roll’s Litter 2015


Barnyards Bulldogs has a new litter!

We have five little “porkchops” ready to make a family happy. They’re all males, with all different personalities. They were born December 10th, 2015. Miss Jelly Roll is one of our smaller females. She is three years old and about forty pounds of sweetness. You will find her with painted nails and usually wearing pink! She is an attention seeker and whoever meets her just falls in love. Her babies have been the same way. This is Jelly’s second litter.  Let’s meet the pups…






If you’re interested in one of our pups, please leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.